Stress is the result of thinking about past actions or future issues that simply DO NOT EXIST in your current reality. Since we cannot go back to the past, or into the future (other than in our minds), the only time that exists in reality is NOW!

The only way to be highly effective is to be constantly PRESENT. When looking at performance of athletes, business people, actors, writers etc. the people who have the most success are those that are PRESENT when engaged in their discipline. It’s when we are thinking about past mistakes or potential future mistakes, getting out of the now and into our minds, is when we run into problems leading to poor performance. One thing I’ve consistently read regarding high level athletic performance, is the athlete saying “I was really present and only focusing on the current shot.” My daughter Jenée LaMarque and my son Dack LaMarque both studied acting in high school and college. In fact, Dack graduated from UCSB with a degree in Dramatic Arts and my daughter is now a screenwriter and director (@ThePrettyOne). The one thing their training focused on was being totally present while acting, and not thinking about their performance or what people might be thinking about them, but focusing only on what they were doing right now, in the present moment, and being totally present with those actors in the current scene.

If you’re in business, especially in sales and recruiting, you must be totally present with those you are presenting to, so that you’re able to respond well to their areas of concern. One thing that is death to a transaction is mentally being somewhere else while communicating with a prospect. Nothing is more insulting than not honoring the person you are communicating with, in other words, not being PRESENT WITH THEM.

It is important to realize you can only create anything in the PRESENT MOMENT, you can’t do it in the past or the future only in the NOW. So it’s imperative to focus on what you are doing RIGHT NOW because what you do in the NOW is what allows your future NOW’S to be what you want them to be.

Stop worrying about the past, you can’t change a single thing you did in the past, and you can’t do anything in the future. RIGHT NOW, the only place that matters, the only place you can accomplish what you desire is RIGHT NOW so get busy RIGHT NOW!

Love and Gratitude,

Hector LaMarque

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