Habits of Highly Successful People Part I

Through studying Highly Successful People for over 35 years, I have found that they share many of the same habits and manner of thinking. By the way, not all highly successful people are millionaires, but they are rich in the way that they live their lives.

Highly Successful People are early risers. They realize the advantages of getting an early start to their days. Many meditate in the early quiet hours of the day. Another advantage is places are uncrowded early, such as grocery stores, repair shops and restaurants.

Highly Successful People exercise several times a week. They are motivated to do things that improve and maintaining their health, such as increased energy, elevated mood, and increased self confidence. They realize being successful and unhealthy isn’t a very evolved way of being.

Highly Successful People maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. They study and learn about healthy and unhealthy foods. They regularly check their weight and maintain it through making healthy choices everyday. 

Highly Successful People get themselves to take action, especially when they don’t feel like it. They realize that once they get going completing any task becomes easier and that inertia is killer of progress. They know that motivation follows action and not the other way around.

Highly Successful People are fanatical planners. They develop a plan for everyday before going to bed so they’re able to hit the ground running while not letting the hours get away from them. Successful People don’t look at planning everyday as a chore but as the way to get what they want from their business and life.

Highly Successful People realize the power of a positive attitude. They keep their thoughts focused on what they want and reject thinking about what they don’t want. Thinking and worrying about what you don’t want is like “Praying for what you don’t want” and that’s a losing proposition. They know that like attracts like so by being consistently positive they attract like minded people and situations into their lives. The fact is we attract into our lives that which we think about most, so be ultra careful about what you’re thinking at all times. I aways say “If negative thinking was helpful in any way I’d be the most negative person on earth, because it’s infinitely easier to be negative than positive. You don’t ever see books in bookstores or on Amazon.com that will teach you how to be negative because everyone already knows how to do that.

Highly Successful People stay present, this allows them to absorb more of what is in front of them and to have a greater influence on a positive outcome. Staying present also allow them to be superior listeners and nothing honors people more than being present as they are speaking to you. They are aware of the fact that the present moment is where all the enjoyment and power in life resides.

Highly Successful People are courageous. They aren’t fearless, they actually experience much more fear than most people because they are attempting more and doing more things that create fear. They are courageous because they realize they need to be in order to reach their goals and dreams. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s the ability to feel fear and do what they need to inspire of it. They think about how they’ll feel after doing what they fear, which is exhilaration after accomplishing their goal.

Highly Successful People don’t waste time on mindless activities, like watching hours of silly television, especially reality shows. They watch educational shows or videos, history, biographies, high quality movies or 30 minute comedy shows. They turn their cars into success universities, listening to audios that help them grow their skills and knowledge relative to their careers. 

Love and Gratitude,

Hector LaMarque

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