What Great Leaders Do

Good leaders do things well. GREAT LEADERS teach and inspire others to do things well. “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day…If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Great Leaders invest massive amounts of energy, equipping their people to be able to get fantastic results independently of them. If your people constantly need you present to do things or to get results, you are not yet a Great Leader. Great Leaders know that their ultimate success is dependent on their people being extremely competent, so they work tirelessly to teach, train, coach and mentor their most motivated people. The idea behind this focus is to develop leaders who develop leaders. The more controlling a Leader is, the more remote the chance of them developing independent leaders.

Great Leaders Face Facts, No Matter How Brutal They May Be: Bad news is part of all businesses and Great Leaders are on the lookout for red flags, and they don’t kill the messenger. By identifying problems earlier, it give them the time to find solutions before the problems become insurmountable.

Great Leaders Take Accountability Seriously: They hold the most motivated people highly accountable. They remember their peoples’ goals and use them to constantly remind them of what they said they were going to do and why. When people get offended by being held accountable, they immediately look elsewhere for people who are serious about succeeding and do not waste time with people who aren’t.

Great Leaders Look for Bright Spots: They are constantly looking for those people on their team who are implementing their teaching and getting results, making them heroes who inspire the competitive ones to do more.

Great Leaders Develop and Prioritize Things That Work: They break down what works best and focus on teaching those things. They scrap the things that don’t work, and make sure their teammates do as well. They understand investing any time on things that do not advance their objectives is a complete waste of time.

Great Leaders Focus On Their Most Motivated People: They realize that investing time in people who aren’t motivated is tantamount to “pouring water into a bucket that has holes in it.” They realize that doing the work to find motivated people is infinitely easier that attempting to motivate unmotivated people. 

Great Leaders Are Planners: They put their goals in writing and focus like a laser on them every waking moment. They share their goals with their team inspiring them to become a significant part of reaching their goals through showing how doing that will help them achieve their own goals. They also get their teammates goals in writing so they can hold them accountable to them.

Great Leaders Focus on Consistency: They realize that no one becomes an overnight sensation and that being consistent is the real key to hitting their goals. Building a business is like building a brick building; you do it one brick at a time and you stay with it consistently until the building is completed. They don’t make 90 day runs, they do the right things and the right work everyday, knowing that is the way to build a solid business that becomes a money machine. Starting and stopping is not the best way to build something great, so they are intensely consistent.

Businesses that perform well and that are at the top of their respective industries all have one thing in common…GREAT LEADERSHIP!

Love and Gratitude,

Hector LaMarque

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