Stop Negative Thinking

If you tend to think negatively, you might think it’s something wired into you and that you have no control over it, but you’d be wrong. Many think they have no control over their thoughts, but we all choose every thought whether we are aware of it or not.

Negative thinking can be be challenged and changed through understanding that we think without thinking about what we are thinking about. Most of our thinking is triggered subconsciously, so in order to change our thinking we must reprogram our subconscious mind.

Negative thinking is a symptom of depression, and lack of sleep makes it worse. Make sure you get the appropriate amount of sleep. Don’t drink caffeinated beverages after 2pm, Meditate and while meditating visualize the life you desire and make it as simple and clear as possible. 

Write down your negative thoughts, once you’ve written them down you can review them and see what it is that triggers them for you. You can also reframe each negative thought example: “I am not cut out for sales.” can become “I am not very good at sales now but with preparation and study I can become good then great over time.” I practiced reframing my doubtful, negative thoughts for years to the point that they either don’t present themselves anymore or if they do I eliminate them in a second through the process of reframing them.

Stop thinking in extremes, life is not black and white and people with a rational mind understand that it isn’t black and white. Stop imagining the worse case scenario whenever a challenge presents itself. Things are rarely as good or bad as we sometimes think they are. Instead, immediately think about what might be the best solution to your challenge then formulate a plan to deal with it. Nothing lasts forever, good times or bad times, you simply need to keep focused on your goals and dreams and keep putting one foot in front of the other until you accomplish them.

Deal with facts and stop trying to mind read what other people say or do, inserting what you think they mean. Having a negative mindset doesn’t allow you to deal with uncertainty very well. You must begin seeing and focusing on the outcome you want, not the one you don’t want. Negative people do not realize they are creating their life situation with what they constantly think about. They don’t realize that thoughts are creative and therefore when thinking incessantly about anything either good or bad over time you will create that thing. So you must become hyper aware of every thought you think and choose the thoughts that lead you towards what you want, your goals and dreams.

Start accentuating the positive in your life, develop an Attitude of Gratitude. I realize that not everything is great all the time but there are always things that we can be grateful for and that is what we must learn to accentuate. 

See negative situations as temporary versus permanent and pervasive. Balance the negative situations with a positive one to develop the habit of a better perspective. 

When we understand that no situation negative or positive is permanent, that change is a constant and we accept it we will begin to not turn every change into a potential negative. Think of the changes that have proven over time to be good and positive for you and think about them when change occurs. In fact, for me many of the negative situations if not all over time have proven to be positive for me. The key is to, as Napoleon Hill so wisely said, think this thought: “With every adversity there is an equal or greater benefit…if you are looking for it.” the key part of this quote is “IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IT”. 

I always say if anything good came from being negative I would be the most negative person on earth because it’s so much easier to be negative and see the glass half full. There aren’t any books written about how to be more negative because everyone already has that down pat. All the great books are about subjects like “Think and Grow Rich” and those are the ones that sell because people instinctively know that’s what they need to learn and do to accomplish what they really want.

Love and Gratitude,

Hector LaMarque

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