I Have Studied Wealthy People For 37 Years

In studying the wealthy I discovered a few important facts.

1: The wealthy have many, many problems. What differentiates them from most everyone else is their ability to experience setbacks and disappointment but keep moving forward toward their goals. It’s a fallacy that the wealthy are lucky or just in the right place at the right time. What the wealthy do in general is prepare for success so that when an opportunity presents itself they are ready and prepared to take full advantage of it. Those who aren’t wealthy do not prepare, they do not work on their personal development to any significant extent so that when an opportunity presents itself to them they either don’t recognize it or don’t have the skill or knowledge to take advantage of it. I’ve noticed that many people like to think that the wealthy are lucky because thinking this absolves them in their mind of ever having to do the actual work that it takes to become wealthy. Don’t make that mistake. Figure out what you want to do then find people who’ve succeeded at it, study them their thinking and actions, then model and mimic them all the way to success. That is exactly what I’ve done its simple you don’t have to reinvent the wheel it’s already been invented you just need to avail yourself of it.

“In my Rich Habits Study, 135 millionaires out of the 233 in my study indicated that a major portion of their responsibilities at work involved selling something. The average net worth of these millionaires was $5.7 Million. Seventy-one percent accumulated wealth before the age the 56, or on average, in less than 22 years. The millionaires who were fanatical savers had an average net worth of just over $3.2 million, accumulated over an average of thirty-six years. In other words, those millionaires in my study who SOLD SOMETHING had a net worth that was $2.5 million higher than the savers in my study and took the sellers 14 fewer years to accumulate that wealth. Clearly, if you want to accumulate a lot of wealth in the shortest period of time, YOU NEED TO SELL SOMETHING.” -Thomas C. Corley

~ Warren Buffet sells his financial expertise.
~ Elon Musk sells his Tesla cars or the use of his Space X Rockets
~ Mark Zuckerberg sells Facebook advertising and marketing solutions
~ Dr. Ben Carson sold his expertise as a neurosurgeon
~ LeBron James sells his basketball skills
~ Tony Robbins sells his motivation and training seminars
~ J.K. Rowling sells her Harry Potter books and movie rights to those books
~ Taylor Swift sells her love songs.

“The wealthiest of the wealthy SELL SOMETHING. Selling something people want, need or desire virtually guarantees success.” Thomas C. Corley

If you follow me on Twitter or subscribe to and listen to my weekly podcast at HectorLaMarque.com/signup you’ll soon realize that when someone asks me what they should do to succeed, the first thing I mention is to do the work to become a PROFESSIONAL SALESPERSON. Without question the single most impactful thing I have done to become wealthy is Master the Art of Selling. When you examine success in business and life, it all comes down to selling. Every relationship requires each person to sell the other person on why they make a good mate or friend. When applying for a job or attempting to get an appointment with a prospect in order to get them involved in your product or service, REQUIRES SELLING. Even something as simple as deciding where to eat or what movie to see requires selling; whoever is better at selling typically gets their way. Anytime you’re trying to get someone to agree with you in any way, that’s SELLING. 

If you are motivated to succeed and become wealthy, there is ample evidence that learning how to professionally sell makes accomplishing it significantly easier and faster if you learn how to sell professionally.

Good Selling!

Hector LaMarque

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