We All Have 24 Hours

The one thing that levels the playing field is the fact We All Have The Same 24 Hours a Day to INVEST or SPEND anyway we see fit.

No one determines how you utilize your 24 hours but YOU!

The reality is that the vast majority of people do not realize how critically important it is to carefully plan their days. Most think, “I have plenty of time” or “I’ll get to it tomorrow”. Sadly, they are grossly mistaken.

Most people believe that successful people are lucky, in the right place at the right time or they have connections which explain their success.

In fact, the majority of successful people simply use their available 24 hours more effectively. They choose to invest their time versus spend their time. They invest it in preparing to master their craft, their business or profession. 

If you were brutally honest and looked at your calendar, assuming you keep one, you’d quickly realize how many investable hours you waste each day, week, month and year. Hours that, if invested in mastering your craft and becoming an expert in your field, would have created untold success for you and your family.

I have lived by this motto: “I must do the most productive thing at every given moment.” I asked this question every hour of every day for years: “Is what I’m about to do going to move closer to or further away from my goals & dreams?” If it moved me closer I did it all out, if it did not I simply did not do it. I quickly discovered that doing this allowed me to create a tremendous momentum and ultimately success.

When you start treating your time as the most incredibly valuable asset you have at your disposal, you’ll turn it into the success you desire. 

The most constructive thing I did to manage my time was never going to bed before planning every hour of the next day. My goal was to hit the ground running everyday. In my calendar I would write down exactly what I needed to get done every hour. It had an the added benefit of allowing me to sleep soundly because I didn’t need to worry about tomorrow since the plan was already in writing.

This might seem obsessive compulsive, and it may be, but all I know is it allowed me to create a level of success that has resulted in total Debt Freedom and Financial Independence and a level of freedom in my life that’s incredible. 

“Without a plan…you are planning to fail.” 

Hector LaMarque

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