Making Yourself More Valuable

The one thing that most people don’t get regarding SUCCESS is that their Skill Level, Knowledge, Self Discipline, People Skills and Time Management are the determining factors in whether they succeed in a significant way or just become another person in the crowd. I am a huge believer in having amazing work ethic, prolific self-discipline, professional […]

Don’t Take Anything Personally

Lack of self-confidence is the primary reason people become excessively concerned about what others think. This, of course, leads to people adjusting their behavior to appease what they assume others want. As a result, this leads people to not be true to themselves which seriously inhibits the achievement of their goals. Everyone operates from their own perception of reality, and […]

Create a VALUE GAP by subscribing to my podcast

Hello Everyone, The LaMarque weekly call recently converted to a subscription based podcast called “Hector’s Success Podcast” in which there are three subscription options: weekly, monthly or annually. The point of my podcast is to instruct and inform anyone who is interested in how to accomplish success in business and life. I share information that illustrates how […]