Mental Toughness

Research and common sense says that top athletes and successful business people succeed because of the talents they possess and their commitment to training. But what’s often not mentioned is their ability to deal with the psychological pressures of their sport or business.

The part of their success that most forget to mention is their MENTAL TOUGHNESS and RESILIENCE, both which are critical for anyone to become world class at their chosen field.

People who succeed on a world class level not only train their bodies but also their psychological preparedness. If you are to compete on a world class level you a question you must ask yourself is, “Are you mentally tough enough to compete?”

Six Markers of the Mentally Tough:

1. FLEXIBILITY. Leaders have the ability to be ready for the unexpected and be flexible and non-defensive. They also must be constantly re-educating themselves in the fundamentals that they may have forgotten. 

2. RESPONSIVENESS. The ability to make decisions and act on the the information that presents itself in the moment.

3. STRENGTH. The ability to exert and resist when under pressure and to keep going under difficult odds. The ability to dig deep, to keep going even when it seems like theirs no hop. They focus on doing their best, fighting hard with persistent intensity until the very end.

4. COURAGE & ETHICS. Game ready leaders of the Right Thing for the organization and their team. They resist the temptation to cut corners. They have the courage to make the hard but right choices for themselves and their team.

5. RESILIENCY. They rebound from disappointment, mistakes and missed opportunities and get right back in the game.

6. SPORTSMANSHIP. Leaders show sportsmanship. They don’t let the opponent know when they’re down. We all experience disappointment, attacks from others and occasionally fall down. Leaders don’t allow those situations to define them.

I’ve seen countless people come into my business and in other businesses or sports who could have been successful but their level of Mental Toughness wasn’t up to the level required to succeed at a world class level. It’s sad to watch someone who could have done amazing things in their profession and life, but their level of Mental Toughness prevented it. DONT’ LET THAT BE YOU…GET TOUGH!

Hector LaMarque

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    I was wondering if we get to meet and talk to Mr. Hector LaMarque in person, take pictures etc, after the event at the Mental Toughness Seibold/LaMarque event in Anaheim,CA on January 28th, 2017?

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